Mirror Image

Mirrors can be mischievous. Especially for women and girls. But God is the author of mirrors. And did you know that He created them so we can appreciate the glory we see — having been made in His image and all — and also so we can look into our hearts and transform from the inside out. That’s true beauty. And we want you to experience the TRUE BEAUTY of the gospel with a special spa treatment.

Whether it’s for a bridal party, youth group, church retreat, service project, women’s ministry or mother-daughter spa day, MIRROR IMAGE SPAS are a perfect way to pamper yourself and the girls and women you love with a physical-emotional-spiritual experience that will last longer than an ordinary day at the spa. Perfect for girls ages 12 and up, including women of all ages.

Here’s our MENU of services. Pick one or have a spa and/or Holy Yoga retreat! Call 217.801.7464 to create a custom event for your group.

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Mirror Image had its beginnings in Mighty Strong Girls, a non-profit founded by Amy Denney to help encourage a positive body image and self-confidence among preteen and teen girls. We published six issues of a magazine and hosted several events. In 2013, the first “God spa” was written and hosted by Jan Koch, who was heading up the ministry advisory board. Since then, hundreds of girls and women have experienced the beauty and mystery of this spa experience. Our volunteers have even taken spas to other states, Brazil and Sierra Leone. In 2016, the ministry name was changed along with its focus on spas and events. It is our desire to take the spa, which is an evangelism tool, to as many girls and women around the world as possible. We are currently working on a book and CD/audio recording for small groups to be able to host their own Mirror Image spas.