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Don’t just dream it…DO IT!

I’ve been blogging and “Facebooking” about dreaming and goal setting for years. I’m addicted to it. Truly.

Because it works!

I used to just “make a resolution.” But you know how that story goes…

Last year I found a system for setting up goals in several areas of life. I had some great success with it. But after linking arms with my friend Lisa, we combined our ideas and ditched what doesn’t work to present a program with the best tips, tricks and tools for making your dreams become a reality.

We are excited to share with you what we’ve learned and get creative during this fun session. You can click on the Eventbrite link below the flier to register now!

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Eventbrite - Victory Vision-casting

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Old house became our first home

Our first home was a 90-year-old two-story home on Main Cross Street in Taylorville that had been tastefully redecorated many years previous.
It was a beautiful house when we purchased in 1999, but when our potty-training challenged dog wrecked the master bedroom carpet, we started peeling back layers of outdated remodeling.
I still remember when Dan cut into a corner of the carpet and showed me the gem hidden below the carpet pad. It was then that his vision sprung to life.

Abby playing in the front room where Dan ripped up carpet and refinished the original hardwood in our first home. 

Underneath the carpet was original hardwood. But it was covered by layers of paint, including a hideous bright green and black.

With absolutely no construction experience but a desire to find the beauty hidden below, Dan rented a drum sander and began to fumble his way through a new hobby before DIY was mainstream.
One floor led to another and another. And then he added a half bathroom into the already-cramped laundry room.
He had no fear of challenges. The layers. The paint. Fear of the unknown. He just kept pressing forward, becoming the ultimate weekend warrior.
“It was our first house, and I figured out I could do it. Nobody told me no. I never got to live in a house I got to tear up,” Dan said.
What began as a hobby quickly took root in his soul, sparking a love of resurrecting beauty, transforming old spaces and striving to hear the delightful reactions.
“You start doing it and people tell you, ‘It’s good. It looks good.’ And then you get excited,” Dan said.
Living in an old home, tackling a cosmetic project meant rearranging living space…and dealing with inevitable mechanical and structural malfunctions.
It was probably Dan’s love of the cosmetic work that motivated him to quickly deal with problems as they arose.
By the time we sold our first home in 2004, it looked distinctly different and resembled more of its original beauty than when we moved in.