About Amy

I am the founder of Mirror Image, a ministry to help women and girls see that body image and self confidence can be found in the mirror where they come face-to-face with God’s overwhelming love for them.

Most recently, I became certified as a Holy Yoga instructor and I’m working on my certification in trauma-sensitive yoga. My heart’s desire is ministering to women and teen girls. I create custom events, ranging from one hour to overnight retreats incorporating mind-body-spirit elements of the Mirror Image spa and/or Holy Yoga.

I have been writing about health and wellness for 15 years for newspapers, hospitals, and Mirror Image. I’m a cheerleader for shoving (er, um, gently nudging) people outside their comfort zone where true change can bring the freedom they desire! My own transformation began first with a new name — JOY — in October 2013 and then in front of my bathroom mirror in 2014. I have been blessed with many holistic tools and lots of detoxing along the way. I am passionate about helping educate and inform others on the power of nutrition, detoxing and holistic wellness. Four years ago, I was very sick — migraines, endometriosis, digestive problems, insomnia — and my body did some miraculous healing when I used amazing nutrition tools to whip it back in shape. Despite my initial hesitancy to tell anyone about HOW I did it, I can’t shut up. Because everyone deserves to feel good, inside and out, so when I find something that works…I share. You’ll find me sharing all kinds of things on my blog. But my primary income comes from sharing Isagenix, so I’d be honored if you let me be your health coach when you’re interested in trying their awesome system. My goal is that I can become financially free to do more ministry work, especially for those who need it but cannot afford it. I am a speaker who encourages others in the ways of wellness, faith and godly body image.


These are my three amazing children — Abby, Ryker and Tatum. I am also blessed with the most supportive, loving husband, Dan, who has joined me in an adventure of chasing our visions for our kids’ sakes. Dan quit his job of 20+ years to follow his dream to remodel homes in 2016. We live in central Illinois where I enjoy sunrises through the woods behind our home, organic coffee, my stinky dog sitting under my desk and working out on the nearby bike trail or local gym. I love writing and journaling, traveling, mission work and sharing the immense love God has for girls. Lately you can find me doing super out-of-character things to push myself outside my comfort zone, and lead by example as I tell my children to always be willing to try new things. That means sometimes I climb a 35-foot wall at a climbing facility while shaking the whole time, audition for plays or let my baby pet a snake as I hold her without having a panic attack. And teaching yoga to classes as if I know what I’m doing! I’m learning that a life worth living is one that involves risks and love without borders, gently bending into fear instead of away from it.

This is my family all together (minus our ratty, chunky, barky miniature schnauzer Yadi). We look normal in this photo, but I assure you that we are goofy and authentically, intentionally abnormal. On our first mission trip, my husband and I were nicknamed Dan and Amy “TMI” Denney. We keep it real, very real. Being vulnerable isn’t always easy, and it’s not for everyone. I’ve lost some friends because of it, but my life has been enriched in so many more ways and with friends only God could have brought into my life because of my transparency. These people in the photos…they motivate me everyday to love myself more, take risks, love others, chase my dreams, serve big, leave the world a better place and care about the things that matter. ALL the things. No matter how great or small. Because of them, I keep growing. And sharing. I would love it if you would come here often to grow and share with me.

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