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July 2017


Those who care, share

I am typically the problem. I admit it. If I think or pray about a situation, often I discover that not only am I the problem, but I can also be the solution.

In this scenario, I’m talking about shoes. These shoes.

IMG_8142They’re called Yoga Sandals. This summer, my feet began to ache. I was a little worried since the pain was coinciding with my decision to begin running again. I’m relieved that running isn’t uncomfortable, not does it seem to be aggravating my foot pain.

Just before my feet starting giving me fits, I came across these shoes. I had just learned about a friend who was struggling with foot problems. I sent her the link. The reviews, including testimonies from foot specialists, were great. I figured…it might help her.

I hemmed and hawed about ordering them for myself for far too long. I finally decided to give them a try. (This is an entirely different problem I have, in that I think about things far too long. Impulsivity is not my issue!)

It’s been about 10 days. Initially, I could only wear them for about 15 minutes. They hurt my toes. It made my feet simultaneously ache and feel relief.

The other day, I was able to wear them for several hours, and that next day my feet felt better than they have in a long time.

My husband asked how they were going, and I told him I wasn’t sure. “I’d like to recommend them, but I am not convinced yet that it’s going to heal my foot issues.”

A few hours later it was like I had been smacked in the head with a pile of bricks.

If you love a movie or love a restaurant or a book, it is quite natural to share. But I easily sent the link to a friend when I had seen the reviews and told her, “Hey, this might work for you.”

Someone who cares, shares. It’s that simple. Just because something didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. And if it’s not unhealthy and the company is reputable and the reviews are fabulous, why wouldn’t I share? It’s a bit egotistical to think a product only needs to work for me for it to be worthwhile!

This is a repeat performance for me. When I began Isagenix, I didn’t even want anyone to know I was doing it. Then I didn’t want to share it, even after a life changing experience.

I have been coaching people on Isagenix for nearly three years. I’ve had some quitters, but most of them didn’t give the tools or themselves a chance. I had some who abused it as a diet and had diet-like results. But everyone who enrolled, was coachable, and used it to the best of their ability has been pleased.

But here’s the gem. Some of  those who quit, abused it or never even tried it have referred people to me. Why? Because it obviously works — if not for everyone, then definitely for some people.

When you know someone is hurting or looking for a solution and you care about them, you share. The tools that I’m emotionally connected to, like Isagenix and Holy Yoga, I get FIRED UP about sharing. But they aren’t the only things I share.

So here I am, still a little uncertain. But I’ve seen the testimonies. These shoes have helped not only those with feet problems but even those with knee, hip and low back issues. If you’re looking for solutions, you might consider giving this one a try!

Sorry about my gross toes and veiny feet. You can order Yoga Sandals here:


Wellness, Yoga

Empty your mind? Never! Fill it with holy thoughts

I had really only dabbled in meditation before my Holy Yoga training.

Honestly, meditation was kind of a New-Age-y concept to me. I didn’t think it had a place in faith.

Until I read “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard J. Foster as a new Christian. It’s a book I highly recommend. In fact, I pulled it off my dusty shelf to review it for this blog post and realized it demands another read. I only grazed the surface of application on my first go-round!

One quote I highlighted in the chapter on meditation by William Penn is: “True godliness does not turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it and excites their endeavors to mend it.”

Meditation is life-changing, and when we prayerfully enter in, God can use it to transform us from the inside out but also to change the world we live it. Meditation is one way to enter into the presence of our living God.

Twice during the weekly meditation/prayer calls in my Holy Yoga training, God spoke very clearly to me. Both were so encouraging — tokens of His overwhelming love for me. There was nothing special about it; it was simply three readings on a scripture with silence in between. Silence: a space to hear from the Lord. I would never endorse a popular misconception that yoga is for “emptying the mind.” My favorite part of Holy Yoga is letting a story or verse marinade while I move my body and breath.

Foster writes in his book that we should avoid the temptation to rush our reading of scripture, which creates a superficial exposure to the holy word of God. “Our rushing reflects our internal state and our internal state is what needs to be transformed,” he writes.


Photo by Lauren Westrich Photography

I love that among the forms of meditation one is to seek to relive the experience with all the senses. Remember the story of the man healed when Jesus spit into the dirt and created a paste for his eyes? You can really allow your mind to recreate the sensory interaction. What did it feel like, the warmth of Jesus’ hand touching him, the slimy paste, the indescribable feeling of your eyesight coming to life? Or the woman who pressed through crowds to touch the hem of the robe Jesus was wearing and the way He reacted? What must she have felt…to drive her to the crowd, to gather the courage, to push doubt, fear and distractions aside and press on so she could cling to the hope of Jesus? As a writer, I love the idea of putting myself in the character of the one receiving healing from Jesus himself.

What ways can you enter and engage with Bible stories and passages or even to let one verse soak into you mind, body and spirit? Meditation is a way to worship, and let me “warn” you, when you experience the goodness of God, it can easily become a way of life.

Guess what??? If you want to practice meditation but don’t know where to start, all you have to do is listen. Here are some great meditations from the team at Holy Yoga:


My BIG giveaway

I’ve never done this before, but as I celebrate three AMAZING years of a new lifestyle that has freed me from physical pain, I want to give away a chance for someone else to begin.

There aren’t many rules. Simply allow me to share a bit of my testimony on your timeline, and your name will be entered into a drawing for a 30-day custom system.

I let the price tag scare me away for nine months. Nine more months of spending several days a month sick in bed. Nine agonizing months of chronic discomfort. Nine additional months where inflammation continued unchecked. Nine months is about 270 days of not feeling the best I could feel. Most of those days I popped ibuprofen and downed coffee non-stop. Then I struggled to sleep. And don’t even get me started on the pain of food when you’re dealing with autoimmune issues. I would eat but feel worse. I’m pretty certain that God allowed me to feel my absolute worst so that the price would no longer stop me.


Left: Days before I began Isagenix. Right: A few weeks ago. Maintaining has been easy for me! 

Because my before and after was so much more about the freedom of how I felt than how I looked. But, yes, I lost a bunch of toxic fat and went down many sizes in clothing, too.

I was all-in went I said yes, and I’m ready to bless someone who also wants to go all-in! Is it you?


Cleanser for life

I thought it was a colon cleanse.

I thought it wouldn’t work.

I thought people would think I was crazy (or even more crazy! lol!).

I thought it was a bunch a hype.

I was wrong.

Thankfully I tried.

I am celebrating my three year anniversary of my Isagenix lifestyle, and this product is really what sets it apart. I was able to incorporate this into my schedule — sometimes in deep cleanses, sometimes daily.

Unfortunately, I had to put it on a shelf when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. I could tell the difference. Anyone can do intermittent fasting on their own, but using this botanical cocktail as part of the entire system has dramatically improved my quality of life.

nutritional-cleansing-with-cleanse-for-life-1The beverage is packed with nutrients and botanical extracts shown to support detoxification. Yes, the body naturally detoxes, but this assists it. In addition to aloe, it includes turmeric and ashwagandha, shown to be effective in studies for influencing  antioxidant and detoxification pathways in cells. You can read more about it here.

And if you are ready to get started on a system, I am happy to help enroll you on one that will help you get the best results and coach you on your first 30 days!




Headstands, neck aches and bowling pins — Oh, my!

Alone in my living room, I carefully read the step-by-step instructions as I trained for my certification.

I’m far too old for this, I thought.

But empowered by my feat of crow pose, I pushed myself.

What’s the worst that could happen?

I suspected it was a somersault.

I was wrong.

The worst was a complete freak-out that resembled a 43-year-old’s terribly failed attempt at a headstand. Somewhere in my Alice-in-Wonderland upside-down transition, I sensed this just wasn’t going to work. So my legs rebelled, and my weight fell — on my neck.

It hurt.

This was bad.

And stupid.

So several weeks later at my Holy Yoga training retreat when my teaching partner exclaimed, “I love headstands,” I wanted to beat her about the head.

I was so paranoid, that my “assist” essentially amounted to me death-gripping her legs like she was going to fall and crash into everyone in a five-foot radius, knocking yogis down like bowling pins. She gracefully never said a word, because the girl could do a headstand without my help. (Lord, help me in my unbelief!)

And she could — and did — teach me.

It turns out, there was one extra step not mentioned in the literature that helped me tremendously. Clasping my arms at the opposing elbows to determine the width of my foundation and really pushing into my forearms into the mat took the pressure off my neck. Working my hips over my shoulders before even moving a single toe off the ground further stabilized the pose.


Photo by Lauren Westrich Photography

Now, headstands are like my favorite. My core gets stronger each time, and I can hold the pose for many breaths. My teenager daughter might even be a bit impressed. I overheard her reaction one day when she was nearby, so it seems my yoga — challenging myself, not giving up, believing in me — might break down some walls in our relationship. What an unexpected benefit!

Another key is to take it slow. Baby steps. Start with a friend or teacher assisting, and use a wall if you need to.

Because headstands are inversions, be sure to come up slow. Revive the flow of blood back to the body with an equal amount of time in child’s pose.

Some benefits of headstand: Focus/concentration, improve digestion, strengthen the upper body and core, replenish the brain, increase calmness, bring vitality/renewal to circulatory system, strengthens spinal muscles, reduces varicose veins, calms brain. (Source: Hatha Yoga Illustrated)

Here are some more benefits in this short article: