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August 2016


Get your own goose egg

I imagine we all got them — huge goose eggs from falling, stumbling and tripping when we first began to walk.

But we didn’t stop walking.

It probably hurt like heck, too.

We kept on going. Probably had a pretty darn good day even after that hideous looking head injury.

Then somewhere along the way, we whine a little more when we stumble and fall. We don’t get up as fast. The bump is hardly noticeable at all. The bruise can’t be seen by the naked eye.

And yet, we become paralyzed.

It hurts.

The compilation of a lifetime of injuries makes us immobilized. We just don’t want to go on, so we give up.

Here’s the thing.

That’s not human nature.

That’s a lie. One of the biggest lies.

It keeps you from doing. From being. From loving. From serving. From going. From resting…

in the truth.

in the knowledge of goodness and grace.

in the identity you have that fuels your very reason for moving forward.


I hate seeing my baby crash and burn. I can’t stand looking at that bump and bruise…

and remembering the fall.

But here’s the truth…

She’s already forgotten. She got up and moved on. Not just on, but forward.

Trying new things. Daring things. Things you might not think of doing if you’d just whacked your head on the corner of a wall.

She doesn’t overthink it.

She just goes.

If you’re nursing a bump or bruise or bruised ego today, what might happen if instead of letting it bench you, you let it propel you forward.

Past fear.

Past the unknown.

Into adventure.

Into fun.

Into freedom.